The Orchids of Cyprus
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When you plan a visit to a new place, and want to see some of the natural history there, it is difficult to know where to look for the information you need.

If you are planning to visit Cyprus, and want to know where to find orchids there, you need look no further than a new book and video/DVD by Joan Hubbard and Pamela Scraton.

The book gives easy but detailed descriptions of all the orchids currently known to be found in Cyprus, with site-details, and charts and calendars to help you plan your trip and identify what you find.

The video/DVD contains vivid digital photography which will enable you to learn before you come, identify orchids in unusual forms, and will provide you with a lasting record of the visit.

And because we know you will not have access to a player in the field, there are thumbnail reminders of each orchid at the back of the text.

All the video footage has been shot in the last twelve months, and contains the first published images of an orchid re-discovered by the authors after 40 years!

When is the main season?

February and March are good months for the spring orchids.

Most of the mountain species can be seen in mid-to-late June.

These are the endemic orchids of Cyprus - just a few of the fascinating species you could find here, with the aid of this new book and video/DVD.

We have already had mail orders from twelve different European countries, and some very enthusiastic comments; the book and video/DVD are now on sale in Cyprus bookshops.

We are updating and adding to this site all the time, so make another visit soon!

Many of the sites we suggest are on nature-trails and picnic sites established by Cyprus Tourism Organisation. Click here for more information about Cyprus and the countryside.


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Cover photograph:

Ophrys omegaifera

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